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5 Elements of Personal Brand Positioning


5 Elements of Personal Brand Positioning

Independent professionals need to learn actionable tactics to create a clear and concise message and how to broadcast that message for their personal branding. They need to have evidence and case studies of their success, and establish social proof. It is also important for independent professionals to discover how to position themselves within thought leadership to help them land new clients. 

In this exclusive webinar titled, “5 Elements of Personal Brand Positioning,” Amanda Miller Littlejohn, a Personal Branding Coach and PR Consultant at Amanda Miller Littlejohn Consulting, discussed the five elements of personal brand positioning. She mentioned how independent professionals can have a clear toolkit for their personal brand to help them establish their business or take their existing business to the next level. She also added actionable tips on how they can use their brand to drive new business. 

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • Why branding is important for your business
  • When to build your personal brand
  • How to create clear and concise messages for personal branding
  • How to broadcast messages for personal branding
  • Branding mistakes business owners usually make

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Amanda Miller Littlejohn

Amanda Miller Littlejohn

Title: Personal Branding Coach and PR Consultant
Company: Amanda Miller Littlejohn Consulting