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Bryan Pena Shares Legal Insights - November 2020


Building an Agile Workforce in a Post-COVID World

How the post-COVID world will be is uncertain in many aspects, including the global workforce. In our webinar on August 25, 2020, “Building an Agile Workforce in a Post-COVID World,” MBO’s CEO, Miles Everson, and Chief of Market Strategy, Bryan Peña, shared the latest thought leadership on how COVID-19 is changing the global workforce. This event also sheds light on what you can do today to set up your company for success in the coming recovery.

This Q&A style discussion covered: 

  • Adoption of techniques in building independent alliances and hunting larger scale projects
  • How to get senior leadership’s attention on direct sourcing or agile talent strategy
  • The long term effects of the current crisis on the consulting and professional services industry

The August 2020 installment talks about:

  • Changes brought by the pandemic and how to adapt to them
  • Defining independent and agile workforce as critical factors of success
  • Significant pent-up interest in Direct Sourcing

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Miles Everson

Miles Everson

Title: CEO
Company: MBO Partners

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Bryan Pena

Bryan Peña

Title: Chief of Market Strategy

Company: MBO Partners

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