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Building An Effective Client Presentation


Building an Effective Client Presentation

It is difficult to make complex ideas into simple and understandable presentations. You need to know how to improve your creative processes to effectively tap into your audiences’ minds and leave a long-lasting impact. 

In this webinar, Panayiotis “Pete” Karabetis, Associate Director of Engineering at LMO Advertising, discussed how body language, visual aids, and vocal variety play an important role in enhancing your presentations. The discussion also covered practical strategies for designing and managing client presentations in ways that are impactful and actionable. Watch as Pete walked participants through his most effective ways to think through and conduct meetings and presentations as an independent professional. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to simplify complex information so they are more understandable
  • How your body language and vocal variety can affect your audiences’ attention
  • The difference between reacting and responding when you are faced with unexpected situations
  • How to improve visual aids of your presentation

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Panayiotis “Pete” Karabetis

Panayiotis “Pete” Karabetis

Title: Associate Director of Engineering
Company: LMO Advertising