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Crowdsource Innovation with MindSumo


Crowdsource Innovation, Serve Clients Project Needs, and Unleash Residual Income with MindSumo

Crowdsourcing is an increasingly popular way to drive innovation that is being adopted widely across industries & geographies. MBO Partners has recently acquired MindSumo, co-founded by Keaton Swett, which has enabled them to include a crowdsourcing solution that seeks to empower independent consulting practice owners to offer rapidly crowdsourced innovation and insights to their clients who seek this capability. 

Linda Mann, Chief Experience Officer of MBO alongside Keaton Swett, VP of Product at MBO  and Cofounder of MindSumo, discussed how the acquisition of MindSumo empowers MBO clients to further explore the potential of crowdsourcing solutions.  

This panel-style discussion covered: 

  • The value of crowdsourcing specific MindSumo capabilities and strategies that are now available to MBO talent providers
  • How selling innovation to clients can be a fantastic way to unlock new revenue
  • Business development opportunities in the new year

This December 2020 installment sheds light on:

  • The value of crowdsourcing as a tool for innovation
  • How MBO providers can leverage MindSumo to bring value to their clients
  • How to unlock new revenue channels through MindSumo in 2020
  • Why crowdsourced innovation is a great message to sell to clients in the new year

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Keaton Swett Mindsumo

Keaton Swett

Title: Vice President
Company: MBO Partners

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Linda Mann

Linda Mann

Title: Chief Experience Officer
Company: MBO Partners

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