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Cultivating a Leadership Network

Leaders with good networks tend to be promoted more rapidly, enjoy greater career mobility, and adapt to changing environments more successfully. Organizational and social problems cannot be solved alone—leaders must “change their underlying assumptions about how to lead in order to best leverage these networks”. 

In this webinar, Jessica Glazer, Senior Faculty Member at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), discussed how to create a network of people that will support each other and help you be successful in a multitude of areas. Research done by CCL shows that many leaders are not equipped for the current complex and rapidly changing environment where work is accomplished by collaborating with webs of people, both internal and external. Having strategic connections and an intentional approach to networking can make the difference between working on your passion project as a side gig and making it your full-time endeavor. Having these connections can impact your ability to grow your business and further your independent career. 

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • How to make reciprocity work with networking
  • The importance and value of networking as it relates to growing your business
  • Ways to map your current contacts in order to better understand your network
  • How to develop a strategic action plan for reaching out to new contacts
  • The options for introverts who might dislike cocktail parties and extroverts who might be having trouble cutting down their list of networks
  • Tips and tricks for networking in person and online

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Jessica Glazer

Jessica Glazer

Title: Senior Faculty Member
Company: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)