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Developing and Marketing Your Online Presence as an Independent Consultant


Developing and Marketing Your Online Presence as an Independent Consultant

In this exclusive Q&A-style webinar, Amy O’ Donnell, Chief Talent Officer at MBO Partners, shared her knowledge regarding methods young professionals can utilize to shape or develop their online presence. 

The insights that Amy provided will help individuals reflect on unique stories and experiences that allow them to stand out from numerous competitors. 

Being an experienced talent management professional who has been practicing her expertise for over 20 years, Amy provided tips and tricks to help individuals gain the attention of their clients and allow market leaders to see them as qualified individuals.

The general focus of this webinar was the importance of developing individuality and creativity in establishing an online presence.

This June 2020 webinar talked about:

  • The establishment of an online presence through LinkedIn, a personal website, a resumé, the MBO marketplace, and search engines
  • The necessity of highlighting previous experience and credentials to support a particular skill or attribute
  • The discovery of new in-demand technical skills that companies need in the workplace
  • The techniques that help individuals best describe themselves to their potential employers

The Building Your Online Presence webinar series covered:    

  • How to market and grow your business
  • How to get the attention of big companies by establishing a personal brand identity
  • How to translate your skills into assets for independent consulting work
  • Tips to market yourself to prospective clients

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Amy O'Donnell

Amy O’ Donnell

Title: Chief Talent Officer
Company: MBO Partners

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