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Going Independent: Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

Independent working provides greater freedom and flexibility, and even the possibility of increased satisfaction and wellness. However, independent work is not for everyone. What is it about going independent that is so challenging? Find out more about how you can assess whether independent working is a good fit for you and learn how you can gauge your readiness for success.

In this webinar by George Hallenbeck, the Director of Commercialization at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), he discusses why you should empower yourself with the knowledge to be informed, confident, and prepared in making decisions when it comes to being independent, and even get a chance to earn more. While being an independent agile worker has become the right path for many to follow, it is a choice to be considered carefully. 

This webinar discussed three critical considerations in pursuing an independent career:

  • Assessing Fit (Is this right for me?) 
    • There’s a difference between being an independent worker, particularly if you’ve been working in traditional roles. 
    • Learn more about the realities and challenges you’ll likely face and what it takes to weather them and succeed.
  • Assessing Readiness (Do I have what it takes?) 
    • Succeeding long-term as an independent worker requires a strong dose of disciplined self-leadership. 
    • Three skills that differentiate independents who thrive at what they do.
  • Making the Transition (Where do I begin?) 
    • How to determine your destination and plot your course. 
    • So where exactly are you going on your journey to independence? 
    • How do you get here from there? 
    • Do you make a big leap or take a series of small steps?

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George Hallenback

George Hallenbeck

Title: Director of Commercialization
Company: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)