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How Branding Impacts Small Business Success


How Branding Impacts Small Business Success

Why is branding essential to you as a small business owner? Whether you intentionally spend time building it or not, you have a reputation, and that reputation is your brand. What you deliver and how you deliver it are the foundations of your brand.

It is challenging to grasp and incorporate possible marketing channels into a business, which is why it is necessary to define your market and build an impact by targeting a wider consumer clientele. It is beneficial to take note of the explanation and recommendations provided by the key speaker of this webinar in order to effectively take advantage of their experience in growing your own unique brand.

In this exclusive webinar, Lynn Miller, Faculty and Portfolio Manager for Women’s Programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, discussed the powerful allure of brands and how to develop a distinct brand perspective.

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • How to actively manage your brand
  • How to attract the clients you want
  • How your brand can create the impact you are looking for
  • How branding can help your business grow
  • How branding matters to your work as an independent professional

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Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller

Title: Faculty and Portfolio Manager
Company: Women’s Programs at the Center for Creative Leadership