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How to Start a Consulting Business


How to Start a Consulting Business

Consultants are often so eager to win business that they no longer set clear expectations with their clients. While being focused on winning the sale, they don’t realize that they’re devaluing their services. However, consulting is much more than this. It is about making meaningful connections and building relationships that last. 

In this webinar, Peter Block, best-selling author and owner of Designed Learning, discussed the methodology, protocols, and ways of thinking when you are managing your relationships with people. The consulting process truly begins as soon as you first make contact with the prospective client. Peter also offered advice and insights to those who are looking to better structure the way they sell and contract, and how they can have influence when they have little control over their clients.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use your expertise to speak to your target market
  • Why being decisive is more critical than any model or diagnostic skill
  • How good contracting practices help foster better sales processes
  • What are the core elements and values of contracting and selling
  • When to say “no” when you’re negotiating with your clients 
  • How to deal with customer resistance 
  • How to recover when projects take a bad turn

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Peter Block

Title: Owner
Company: Designed Learning