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Increase Your Income: Pricing Strategies for Independent Consultants

Looking for more clients, projects, and engagements is not the only way for your business’ income to grow. Whether it's for specific projects or across the board, increasing your service fees is a good way for your business to prosper and develop. 

So, how do you go about valuing your projects without losing your clients’ interest? In this webinar, Bob Sherlock, President of Marketwerks, discussed how to recognize the two pricing mistakes that independent consultants often make, how to incorporate client value into your projects when it comes to making pricing decisions, and how to adopt a process that will help you be daring when it comes to pricing your products and services. 

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • How to speak with an existing customer about business value
  • Establishing value in doing quantitative and qualitative work
  • The approach to a negotiation of a lower rate
  • The different types of rate structures and beliefs
  • Insights on equity in lieu of cash
  • Value approach on market assessment analysis
  • Comments on charging an employer for travel time

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Bob Sherlock

Bob Sherlock

Title: President
Company: Marketwerks