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Planning for independent business success


Planning for Independent Business Success in 2024: an In-Depth Workshop

Catch executive coach and Melissa Lieberman Coaching founder Melissa Lieberman as she shares strategic planning sessions for the year 2024. Hosted by Emily Stringer, Program Manager at MBO Partners, this event is tailored for independent consultants looking to scale their businesses to new heights.

Emily Stringer and Melissa Lieberman delved into the essentials of reflecting back on the previous year, evaluating what went well and what didn't, and using those conclusions to create a solid plan for 2024.

Melissa, a former software executive who is now a business coach, has extensive experience assisting clients in growing their companies profitably and preserving a positive work-life balance.

A thorough analysis of 2023, strategic planning for 2024, setting up accountability mechanisms, and using a replicable framework for continuous success are crucial topics of the event. This session is designed to give useful tools and actionable insights, whether the goal is to build business over the long term or to start strong in the new year.

Designed to be informative and useful, the interactive panel offered a forum for participants to engage in an intriguing Q&A session.

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Melisa Liberman

Title: Executive Coach and former Accenture and SaaS Executive
Company: Melissa Lieberman Coaching

Melisa Liberman Coach for Independent Consultants