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Presenting a Proposal_ Keys to Influencing Executives & Winning a Project


Presenting a Proposal: Keys to Influencing Executives & Winning a Project

Growing your business can be done in many ways. One of which is through creating and presenting clear, concise, and compelling presentations for your executives. There are instances where executives get distracted midway or at the start of a presentation. Because of this, it is important to put in a lot of effort to make sure you capture their attention and get your message across effectively.

In this webinar, Dave Underhill, President of Underhill Training and Development, shared his insights on how to present a proposal to executives and encourage them to accept and push through with the proposal’s execution. He discussed the different parts of a presentation and shared the key points on preparing for a proposal and being flexible when it comes to presenting to different types of executives.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • To determine your own communication style in presenting
  • To discover what executives expect from you in presenting a proposal
  • The importance of having a presentation opening that’s straightforward and concise
  • The perks of having planned proposals and knowing the executive/s you're presenting to

This Q&A-style discussion also covered:

  • Presenting to an executive that knows you prior to your business engagement
  • What to do when stumped with a client question that can’t be answered right away
  • Insights on exploratory meetings about referrals from organizations
  • Advice on getting meetings when you don't have a contact inside a company

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