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Tap Into the Power of Learning Agility


Tap Into the Power of Learning Agility

It's difficult to succeed as an independent professional if you're only focused on accomplishing tasks in a certain way. Conversely, running a business is more analogous to a continuous metamorphosis—that adapts and changes in order to grow and prosper. 

Staying current and competitive requires a constant effort to expertly adapt your talents and offerings to meet your clients' constantly changing needs. You'll find yourself incapable of growth and movement if you firmly stick only to what has worked in the past.

In this exclusive webinar titled, “Tap Into the Power of Learning Agility,” George Hallenbeck, Director for Commercialization of the Center of Creative Leadership, discussed how to develop the ability to be adaptable and flexible at all times. He shed light on the basic behaviors of learning agility, how to cultivate them, and how to use them in the workplace.

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • Methods of integrating changes into the workplace
  • Basic behaviors of learning and cultivating efficiency and agility
  • How to adapt to current trends in the market
  • How to develop your innate creative abilities

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George Hallenbeck

Title: Director for Commercialization
Company: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)