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Using an Executive Coach to Accelerate Your Independent Consulting Revenue


Using an Executive Coach to Accelerate Your Independent Consulting Revenue in 2020 and Beyond

In this exclusive webinar, Melisa Liberman, a business development mindset coach for independent consultants, shared her knowledge regarding the methods in which young professionals can increase their bottom line business structure and manage day-to-day operations. 

Melisa’s insights helped individuals reflect on their personal approach to consultancy based on their motives and key success factors in helping independent consultants achieve business growth.

Being part of an executive leadership team for 12 years, Melisa provided advice to individuals on how and when to use executive coaching to manage the challenges faced when running a business. 

This May 2020 webinar talked about:

  • What an executive coach does
  • Why you may need an executive coach
  • How to find a coach that is a best fit for your business
  • What to expect from executive coaching

The Professional Development webinar series covered:    

  • How independent consultants can become thought leaders
  • How to design and manage client presentations that are impactful and actionable
  • How to achieve proper work-life balance to avoid burning out
  • How to cultivate a strong network and establish key relationships and their importance as a professional
  • How to develop learning agility as an independent professional
  • How executive leadership and consultancy can help your business

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Melisa Liberman

Title: Business Development Mindset Coach for Independent Consultants
Company: Melisa Liberman Coaching

Melisa Liberman Coach for Independent Consultants