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Expert Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking


Winning Your Audience: Expert Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Public speaking has become increasingly important in the corporate world for its ability to convince, persuade, and find common ground with customers, shareholders, and analysts. 

During the “Winning Your Audience: Expert Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking” master class webinar last July 30, 2020, emphasis was placed on effective communication as a reliable method of relaying personal beliefs and convictions. The webinar also covered the storytelling, persuasion, and selling aspects of communication, as well as the origins of public speaking.

Emily Stringer, the manager of MBO’s Executive Advisory Services, and James Rosebush, the founder, and CEO of Growth Strategy, Inc., discussed the relevance of communication as they perceive it as being tantamount to success. 

The Professional Development series sheds light on:

  • The advantages of having an executive coach
  • The recipe for a successful business
  • How to win over the challenges of having an independent business
  • Developing resilience for self-employed small business owners

This July 2020 webinar's Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • How to appropriately conduct public speaking on the Zoom platform
  • How to overcome the stage fright and anxiety surrounding public speaking
  • How to research your audience
  • How to engage an audience composed of various age groups
  • How to recover or re-engage your audience when they have lost interest in your speech

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James Rosebush

James Rosebush

Title: Founder and CEO
Company: Growth Strategy, Inc.

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