Melisa Liberman

Career Coach for Tech Leaders

As an independent business owner, I am privileged and honored to work one-on-one with tech leaders to help them reach their career goals. Having the freedom to work on my own terms, and focus on the work I love, gives me the opportunity to directly impact so many lives – in a way that I wasn't able to as a corporate executive.

My name is Melisa Liberman.

I started my career at Accenture and was on the fast promotion track.

I saw an opportunity to move over to a start-up SaaS software company and took it.

I stayed at that company for 12 years.

There, I climbed from business analyst to EVP of Professional Services and Operations. I built a reputation as a leader, an innovator, and a fixer.

I loved the challenge.

I loved my team.

But, I was there 3 years too long, letting my career stagnate, feeling increasingly frustrated, and letting my mental game slip.

I had the title. I reached Executive Vice President in a software company.

I had the awards. I won Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Award and numerous awards from my company, including Corporate MVP.

I was ready to make my next career move but, I had been at this company for so long, that I wasn't sure I could succeed anywhere else.

I told myself that I had been lucky and the luck wouldn't last.

I told myself that my team needed me and I shouldn't "abandon" them.

I told myself that I should just suck it up and keep going.

I was frozen.

Eventually, I made the leap and now I'm able to help my clients realize their own career dreams.

Primary Vertical:

Information Technology

Primary Skills:

Career Development, Career Services Industry Knowledge, Executive Coaching, Executive Compensation, Executive Presence, Executive Recruiting, Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Training, Management Consulting Industry Knowledge, Management Training, Mentoring, Recruiting, Recruitment Industry Knowledge, and Technology-Based Solutions