Referral Rules and Guidelines


The MBO Partners Referral Program is open to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who have received an invitation to participate from MBO Partners and are either (a) current MBO Partners Associate: Business Services, Corporate Services or Payroll Services (formely known as MBO Sub) (b) a former MBO Partners Alumni Associate (herein “Member-Referrers”).

Please note that MBO Partners does not pay referral Incentives to Member Referrers if (1) potential conflicts of interest exist with the members’ client (such as when the member’s referral may have been otherwise referred to MBO Partners by his/her client), or (2) if the Member Referrer is placing the referred person at a client as a Broker or Recruiter or hiring manager and who is otherwise receiving compensation for the transaction. MBO Partners reserves the right to assess the eligibility of any referral at MBO Partners’ sole discretion; it will determine if a Member Referrer is entitled to either a referral program reward or chance to participate in the referral program contest. Employees of MBO Partners are not elligible for this program.


There are several ways to submit a referral, but in all cases the referral must be an approved Member-Referrer according to MBO Partners:

  • COMPLETE the online information required by the Referral Program accessible from your online Business Center or here
  • CALL your Business Manager
  • SEND an e-mail message to
  • FAX the member referral form to MBO Referral Program at 703-793-6090.
  • MAIL the member referral form to: 2016 Referral Program, MBO Partners, 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300, Herndon, Va. 20171.


MBO Partners will pay Member-Referrers a $500 incentive for each individual they refer (“Referred Prospect” or “Referral”) who enrolls with MBO Partners and subsequently generates $30,000 in collected billings from a non-existing Enterprise Client. All incentive payments are conditional based on the clauses in the “Payout” and “Expiration” sections below.


If a Member Referrer refers a friend of a non-Enterprise client, then MBO Partners will deposit the $500 incentive into the Member-Referrer’s Business Center when the Referred Member reaches $30,000 in client-collected billings. Restrictions that apply: The $30,000 threshold does not include expenses reimbursed by clients. The $500 will not be awarded if a Member Referrer sends MBO a Referral to a current MBO Enterprise Client, until the Referred Member takes MBO to a non-Enterprise Client, and has generated at least $30,000 or more over their lifetime with MBO (including any billings collected from Enterprise Clients as well as non-Enterprise Clients). If the Referral has collected $30,000 or more with an Enterprise Client and then proceeds to take MBO Partners to a non-Enterprise Client, the Member Referrer will have the $500 deposited into their Business Center. If the Referral has billed less than $30,000 with an Enterprise client, then takes MBO to a non-Enterprise Client, the Member Referrer will receive the $500 Referral reward when the Referral reaches the remainder to achieve $30,000 in total client collected billings. *Please scroll down for full list of Enterprise Clients.


If the Referred Prospect has not joined MBO Partners within one year of the referral, the referral is considered to be expired, no longer an eligible Referral, and no Incentive be paid.


If two or more Member-Referrers refer the same Referred Prospect, the Member-Referrer who MBO Partners confirms is the one who first submitted the Referred Prospect’s name and contact information will be the Member-Referrer given credit for the Referral and eligible for the Referral Program. The referrer that was not first in referring the prospect will be notified by MBO that their referral was not accepted.


MBO Partners must verify all referrals and enrollments according to the parameters heretofore mentioned before approval and retains the right to determine if the Member-Referrer is qualified to receive the incentive under the terms of this plan. MBO Partners will make the final decision required to resolve any disputes related to this plan. MBO Partners has the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.