Building an Agile Workforce
in a Post-COVID World

Shift to a strategic mindset through workforce optimization

The world today is in a near-constant state of change. While we are not yet in full post-COVID-19 territory, organizations are beginning to reopen and navigate what the future looks like. There’s no question that the pandemic accelerated the implementation of new workforce strategies for many businesses—whether they were ready for it or not—and in March of 2020, organizations had to quickly adjust their structure and shift workflows. Major changes like transitioning to a fully remote workforce were done by necessity, but as we return to work in this new normal environment, organizations will need to have a more active say in how they adapt their business models to remain profitable and competitive.

Over our decades of experience, MBO Partners® has seen this perspective in action at some of the most iconic brands in the world and helped many of those organizations shift from a tactical to a strategic mindset through workforce optimization initiatives.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how an agile workforce is necessary to help businesses remain flexible in times of change, as well as offer insights and data into how to best prepare for what's next.

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The independent workforce is a critical part to the success of achieving a frictionless business model. In order to build an agile workforce, organizations must consider how to access a wide array of talent using multiple modes of engagement.

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