Independent professionals are in demand, picky: 5 tips for companies to be a client of choice

July 6, 2020

SpendMatters highlights 5 key insights from our recent Client of Choice research.

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Will The H1B Visa Freeze Boost Remote Freelancing?

July 1, 2020

Forbes’ Jon Younger mentions MBO in a piece about remote freelancing during the H1B visa freeze.

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Want To Hire The Most Sought-After Freelancers? Here’s What You Need To Know

July 1, 2020

Forbes’ Elaine Pofeldt speaks with founder Gene Zaino about MBO’s new Client of Choice research.

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Mission Matters Podcast Featuring Bryan Peña

June 15, 2020

Chief of Market Strategy Bryan Peña discusses the next way of working on the Mission Matters podcast.

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Remote Is A Powerful Growth Driver For Freelancing: 32 Platform CEOs Explain Why

May 29, 2020

CEO Miles Everson is quoted in this roundup of thought leaders and CEOs on the growth of remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Best Practice: How Top Freelance Platforms Engage With Clients During COVID 19

May 14, 2020

Miles Everson is quoted in this roundup article detailing how organizations are preparing for a post-COVID-19 workforce.

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Titans of Talent Podcast Logo

Titans of Talent Podcast Featuring Bryan Pena

May 6, 2020

Bryan Pena, chief of Market Strategy, stops by the Titans of Talent podcast to discuss the current and future state of contingent work.

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The New Business Model for a Changing Workforce Reality – Podcast

April 27, 2020

Founder Gene Zaino is interviewed by leading branding agency Branding Business on the future of work and trends impacting the independent workforce.

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MBO Partners Named “50 to Know” by SpendMatters

April 21, 2020

MBO made SpendMatters’ coveted annual “50 to Know” list of procurement technology providers.

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COVID-19 Aid To Small Business Owners Trickles Out As SBA Clarifies CARES Act Rules For Sole Proprietors

April 16, 2020

Gene Zaino is quoted discussing aid for independent workers in this piece by Forbes’ Elaine Pofeldt.

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