4 Applications of AI in the Creator Economy

By MBO Partners | February 15, 2024


Key Points

The Creator Economy is positioned for big growth.

Creators are under pressure to continue producing quality content that evolves with the market.

There are four key areas where AI is making a difference to creators today, and application of AI will grow as the technology matures.

In spite of seeing a plateau in its population from last year to this year, the Creator Economy is positioned for big growth.

With an expanding ecosystem of support services and content platforms incorporating technological advancements that help them, new creators from all age groups are finding low barriers to entry and audiences waiting to consume their offerings.

Creators are under pressure. Issues like IP and copyright, platform dependency, and visibility to new audiences are ongoing challenges. It can also be a challenge for a creator to continue producing quality content that evolves with the market. Coming up with new and relevant ideas, creating and then editing the content, and making their creations available in as many forms as possible make constant demands on the creator’s time and energy.

Enter generative AI. A fast-evolving area of technology, it presents opportunities for creators to produce content both time- and cost-effectively.

4 Ways that Content Creators Are Using AI

There are four key areas where AI is making a difference to creators today. Application of AI will likely grow as the technology matures.

1. Researching the Market

Generative AI can offer great assistance in keeping track of what’s going on in a creator’s market.  It can keep the creator up to date on hot topics and trends as well as note possible topics and trends in the making.

2. Coming Up with Ideas

With such research in mind and a context for the creator using it, generative AI is a useful brainstorming partner. It can offer ideas for content as well as new strategies and directions—often much faster than the creator can.

3. Tedious Tasks

AI can handle a lot of repetitive and tactical jobs that are part of content creation. This includes script preparation and scrubbing, transcription, and video editing.

4. Content Reuse

AI tools are now available to creators that can quickly and effectively reuse their content, saving time and expanding visibility. A 5-minute YouTube video, for example, can be sliced and diced by AI to produce several short videos that work on Instagram and TikTok.

What AI Can’t Do for Creators

Though it’s helpful and likely to expand the roles it can play for a creator, AI can’t do one all-important thing. It can’t make sure that the creator’s distinctive voice and style are retained. In a competitive landscape that is likely to become more crowded in coming years, it’s very important for a creator to stay grounded in what subscribers and viewers want—their own perspective.

AI also can’t ensure that content is unique to the creator. In fact, the benefits of AI may instead compound IP and copyright issues. Making it easier to create and publish content, AI may also open the gate to a flood of low-quality content in the market space. It’s up to the human in the creator-AI partnership to ensure that content quality remains high and that their own personal stamp is evident in every piece.


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