The Great Realization: Keys to Achieving a Modern Business Model that Unlocks the Future of Work (2021 Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting)

Work setups across industries are turning out to be more remotely distributed. The current working climate has shown trends of great resignation and a significant increase in the number of independent professional workers. With this, several labor policies may need to be re-examined and reconsidered. It is vital to understand this shift to traverse the challenges in the future of work, its trends, and its implications.

In the 2021 Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting, Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners, gave valuable insights regarding the trends that are shaping the future of work. The discussion also covered the current economic climate amidst the pandemic, showcasing several workforce predictions and a discourse on unlocking the potentials of outsourcing independent professionals for business growth.

In this event, you will learn:

  • The realizations of the current workforce and how it translates to great resignations
  • Ways on how to restore the broken employer-employee bond
  • How the adoption of remote work accelerated employment and how it translates to new trends of future contingent workforce growth


Miles Everson

Miles Everson

Title: CEO
Company: MBO Partners

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