Designed for the independent
professional workforce


The platform designed for the
independent professional workforce

MBO offers a customizable suite of business solutions to fit the specific needs of premier talent.
Build your business with the leading platform for the independent professional workforce.


Find your
next project

Find opportunities with top companies
looking for elite independent talent.

Crowdsourcing & Open Innovation

Share innovative ideas
& earn cash

Share your ideas and earn cash.
Apply skills and get recognized.


Team with others and
grow your practice

Deliver enterprise-scale projects
with communities.

Real people, real solutions

Learn how MBO is powering their businesses.

Independents Across America tells the real stories of real independent professionals and microbusiness owners and offers insight into the motivations and passions of the nation's 38+ million independent workers.

"The benefits to seeing your ideas and conversations come to life are endless..."
Wade Forbes
Corporate Artist


Access a wide range of tips, research and tools designed to support the growth and innovation
of the independent workforce and enterprises who engage independent professionals.
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