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4 Ways to Build a Talent Network

Before we dig in, let’s talk about quality, quantity, and size of your talent network. If you’ve ever posted an opening to a job board, then you’re aware of the quantity of responses you can receive to each posting. The administrative task of filtering through candidates to find the right fit can be very time-consuming.…

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4 Ways Using Independent Contractors Can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that organizations across the country have been struggling to find, engage, and retain skilled talent. In fact, 73% of CEOs say the availability of skills is a serious concern—so where are the resources to fill this need? We believe the answer lies in the continued rise self-employed professionals, a population that brings highly specialized…

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The Rise of the Preferred Talent Network

Enterprise companies today are fully engaged in what has become the “war for talent.” From offering flexible hours to providing in-office perks ranging from bocce ball and free meals to hackathons, companies are heavily investing in attracting talent and keeping them around for the long term. There are plenty of articles you can find out…

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