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How to Increase Human Capital ROI by Using Independent Contractors

There are a variety of dynamics and nuances with different marketplaces, but the three components that investments share are: Acquisition, Enablement, and Management. Our first post on human capital detailed the acquisition process, while our most recent post a few weeks ago dove into enablement. Today, we conclude our series with the final dimension: management. Define the Value of Independent…

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How to Streamline Onboarding Independent Talent

When managing the lifecycle of independent talent recruitment, there are many dynamics and nuances to talent investment, which can be described by three phases – Acquisition, Enablement, and Management. In my last post, I focused on the acquisition phase of the lifecycle, and today we will dive into the next element: enablement. Back to our financial capital parallel, enablement is the second…

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How the Human Capital Market is Similar to the Financial Market

When developing strategies to maximize the value of independent contractors, as with many situations in business, it is best to understand the dynamics of the marketplace. To help describe the “human capital” market, a parallel can be drawn to financial markets and the basic elements of managing investments. Whether you’re building your personal portfolio or executing…

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