Consortium Launches, the Human Capital Management Portal for Government

By MBO Partners | February 23, 2010

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With the release of, government HR leaders gain a comprehensive resource for research, webcasts, and tools designed to improve recruiting, engagement, retention, staffing, and independent contractor management. The Portal for Talent Management in Government is produced by a Consortium of organizations including the Center for Human Capital Innovation and MBO Partners.

Herndon, VA (Vocus/PRWEB ) February 23, 2010 — Today, in response to the human capital crisis unfolding in the United States government, a consortium of organizations, including the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) and MBO Partners, launched the Portal for Talent Management in Government at Destined to become the leading online resource for government talent management, will bring together research, training, webcasts, and live human capital management events. The first webcast, The Power of Social Network Analysis for Government Talent Management Transformation, will be March 23, 2010, featuring Professor Rob Cross of the University of Virginia and Ray Horoho of the United States Army.

Beyond HR, the Portal for Talent Management in Government will investigate contingent workforce management, including the use of independent contractors. Over 80% of the governmentís work is produced by contractors, yet too often, government talent management executives are ill-equipped to manage the contract talent workforce effectively. ìThe crisis in government talent management is undeniable,” said Allan Zeman, President of CHCI. ìFor example, 90% of government senior executives will be eligible to retire within five years. Federal budgets for government talent will likely be cut in the coming decade rather than expanded, while demands with an aging population, global instability, and ongoing wars – continue to grow.”

The other consortium members — Saba, TMP Government, Taleo, and TAPFIN ñ join MBO Partners and CHCI to fund and advise its direction. The group also formed a Human Capital Council with government and non-profit leaders, experts from academia, and HR executives. About the Talent Management in Government Group The Talent Management in Government Group is a consortium of organizations joined together to improve human capital management in government. Our objective is to provide information, tools, and services to government talent leaders. Each member offers solutions that, along with, aid the government in achieving its mission.

The group is currently composed of the Center for Human Capital Innovation, MBO Partners, Saba, Taleo, TAPFIN, and TMP Government. About MBO Partners A GSA vendor, MBO Partners makes it easy for independent consultants and their clients to work together. MBO Partners is the leading alternative to self-incorporation for consultants, freelancers, 1099s, and independent contractors. For government agencies that use contract talent, MBO Partners provides independent contractor payrolling, 1099 risk mitigation, alumni and retiree programs, and independent contractor compliance solutions.

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