The Weekly Independent: December 23, 2016

By MBO Partners |

Updated Friday, December 23, 2016

This special Friday edition of The Weekly Independent wraps up our final edition of new news for the year. Stay tuned for a ‘year in review’ post discussing the top stories of 2016 in our wrap up next week.

  • Want to know what 2017 holds? We’ve been reading a lot about top workplace trends for 2017 (and will publish our own insights soon). Here are a few of our recent favorites:
  • Worried about misclassification in 2017? We have an early Christmas present for you. The Department of Labor has just launched a minisite on misclassification. The educational site spells out key information about misclassification for both workers and clients in an attempt to encourage compliant use of independent talent.
  • This professor tells her MBA students to stop looking for a full-time job and to search in the gig economy instead.
  • These five simple tips can help you prevent scope creep, now and in 2017.
  • Medium sized companies using contingent talent are getting more attention, SIA reports.
  • More and more savvy companies are tapping into the power of the retiree, says The New York Times. Much of this talent is independent.

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