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What Tax Reform Means for Independent Professionals & Their Clients


What Tax Reform Means for Independent Professionals & Their Clients

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in more than 20 years. While formal guidance on the tax code has yet to come out, it is evident that it will greatly affect individuals and enterprises. These new changes will have a big impact on both individuals working as independent contractors, as well as the businesses that engage with these individuals.

In this exclusive webinar, Gene Zaino, Founder and Executive Chairman at MBO Partners, and Eric H. Rumbaugh, Partner at Michael Best & Friedrich Law Firm, discussed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how it has changed the current tax code. The speakers also mentioned the importance of understanding the difference between an independent contractor and an employee, and the impact of the new tax code on individuals and enterprises. 

This Q&A-style discussion covered: 

  • How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the current tax code
  • What independent contractors need to know about Section 199A
  • The impacts that the new tax code may have on enterprises
  • The steps that independent contractors and enterprises should consider taking

The Billing and Financial Management webinar series covers:    

  • How to defer employer-side tax refunds of net operating loss, carrybacks, actual cash grants, and payroll loans
  • The benefits that workers are entitled to
  • The importance of understanding information regarding expanded assistance for unemployment, direct payments, tax returns, and withdrawals for retirement

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Gene Zaino

Gene Zaino

Title: Founder and Executive Chairman
Company: MBO Partners

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Eric Rumbaugh

Eric H. Rumbaugh

Title: Partner
Company: Michael Best & Friedrich Law Firm

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