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Cori McKee

Cori McKee

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Cori McKee

The workforce is being drawn to organizations that have enticing projects. They are no longer just being driven by money. Most want partnership with their organizations, exciting work, and the ability to have flexibility not only in where they work, but how they are engaged. Companies need to focus on how they are cultivating the talent they are seeking and retaining.

About Cori

Cori is responsible for strategies that support MBO’s complex client needs for unique talent solutions. Cori’s many years of experience in the industry (25+) and background in operation and business solutions give her deep knowledge of the challenges that organizations today face.

She brings an invaluable combination of industry expertise and well-rounded business knowledge with previous roles as VP of Business Solutions at TalentWave (People 2.0) and most recently Hays Talent Solutions - US. She is driven to assist clients in overcoming competitive and operational challenges through thoughtful and process-driven solutions and technology.

Cori understands that organizations need to create innovative strategies to broaden their reach and connect in new ways with talent. She also understands their need for flexibility and is able to define and deploy effective systems or partnerships for optimized workforce scalability.

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