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MBO CEO Miles Everson is regularly featured in major publications and is a
respected thought leader on the independent workforce.

management today
What CEOs think other leaders should prioritise in 2024 – in 24 words
24 CEOs give their 24-cents on what leaders should prioritise for 2024.
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How a Global CEO Reinvents the Workforce
With a career of over 30 years at the firm, Miles Everson rose to be CEO of Global Advisory and Consulting at PwC, the leading professional services organization in the world. Everson helped make it a magnet for talent and one of the top employers on the planet.
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High-Revenue Freelancing Surges, As More Americans Flock To Independent Work Than Ever Before
More independent workers are hitting $100,000 a year or more in revenue, according to new data from MBO Partners, and with the number of freelancers skyrocketing to 72.1 million Americans—up 89% from 2020—the trend shows no signs of slowing down.
Are today’s leaders prepared to create an optimized workforce that strategically blends full-time employees, independent labor, and offshore talent?
International Accounting Bulletin
MBO Partners announces strategic partnership with Allinial Global
MBO Partners, a platform specialising in direct sourcing solutions for enterprise organisations, has announced a strategic partnership with Allinial Global, the world’s second largest accounting association according to the IAB World Survey 2023.
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An Interview With Miles Everson, Chief Executive Officer At MBO Partners
Daily Company News interviews Miles Everson, CEO at MBO Partners.
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An Interview With Miles Everson, Chief Executive Officer At MBO Partners
Superb Crew interviews MBO Partners’ CEO, Miles Everson.
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An Interview With Miles Everson, Chief Executive Officer At MBO Partners
Tech Company News interviews MBO Partners’ CEO, Miles Everson.
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Wave of AI-Upskilling Among Independent Workers
HR Director covers insights from MBO Partners’ Generative AI research.
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Independent Workers Turning to AI
More than a third of independent workers, 37%, are already integrating AI into their daily tasks, according to research by MBO Partners.