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MBO CEO Miles Everson is regularly featured in major publications and is a
respected thought leader on the independent workforce.

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Self-employment is the new American dream

Fast Company features insights from Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners.
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How to Decide Between Freelance Work or Keeping Your 9-to-5 Job

Clearance Jobs covers insights from MBO Partners’ CEO, Miles Everson.
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Miles Everson Interviews Daniel Pink on the Power of Regrets and the Independent Workforce

Join Miles Everson, independent thinker and CEO of leading platform for independent professional MBO Partners, as he hosts a series of discussions on the future of work with top minds in the space.

Why More Companies Are Using Contract Workers to Fill in the Gaps

Reworked covers insights from MBO Partners’ CEO, Miles Everson.
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FastCompany: What it Takes to Go from Employer of Choice to Client of Choice

Miles Everson writes about what it takes to go from Employer to Client of Choice.
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Tech skills that can get freelancers more than $100 per hour

Don’t Waste Your Money covers MBO Partners’ State of Independence in America research.
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Building a better mousetrap to better life

Citrus County Cronicle covers MBO Partners’ Digital Nomads research.
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Building a Better Mousetrap: Workations Reshape Travel and Work Life

Wealth of Geeks covers MBO Partners’ Digital Nomads research.
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A Dozen More Reasons To Fire Up Your Freelancing Career

Forbes covers insights from MBO Partners’ founder, Gene Zaino.
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NPR’s The Indicator on the Influencer Industry

Small Business Labs covers MBO Partners’ Creator Economy Trends Report research.