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Transform Work: Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners

This Transform Work episode welcomes Miles Everson, the CEO of MBO Partners. MBO Partners is a direct sourcing platform that enables independent professionals to do business safely and effectively with enterprise organizations.
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The human capital crisis: Real or imaginary?

Article written by Miles Everson CEO MBO Partners
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How Open Talent Platforms Win Enterprise Clients

This article features a quote from Miles Everson, CEO, MBO Partners

Digital Nomadism Continues To Grow, Despite The “Back To The Office” Trend

Forbes covers insights from MBO Partners’ Digital Nomad Study.
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Inside Digital Nomad Paradise: How a Bulgarian town became a haven for remote workers

Data used from the Digital Nomads Study “Based on our studies of U.S. digital nomads, we think there’s somewhere between 30 and 50 million global digital nomads”

Why Should a Small Business Owner Care About Business Trends

A survey study conducted by the 2023 Digital Nomads Report by MBO Partners suggested that the percentage of workers labeling themselves nomads increased by 2% between 2022, amounting to 17.3 million in 2023.
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20 Most Desirable Digital Nomad Visa Countries in 2023

Based on an August report by MBO Partners, approximately 17.3 million Americans identify themselves as digital nomads
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5 Ways Real Estate Was Transformed This Decade—And the City That Everyone Wants To Buy In

Data used from MBO Digital Nomads Study | According to a study conducted on behalf of MBO Partners, the number of American workers who describe themselves as digital nomads skyrocketed 131% between 2019 and 2023. 
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World embraces digital nomads

Data used from MBO Digital Nomads Study | In America, as an example, a study by MBO Partners in 2020 found there had been a 49% increase in digital nomads from the previous year.