Consulting Fee and Bill Rate Calculator

Are you charging your ideal rate?

Using a consulting fees calculator can help you understand how much to charge for your services. As an independent professional, you don't want your rate to be so high that you are not competitive but you also do not want to undersell your expertise. Use our calculator to understand if you are billing the right amount for your services or to determine which rate you should be charging in 3 simple steps.

Our consulting fee calculator will calculate your ideal bill rate, taking into consideration your desired income, the amount of time you will work, and related expenses. Complete as much information as you can to have the calculator derive the best bill rate for your services.

Your results indicate your target rate and profit rate, and include an itemized breakdown of billings, profit margins, and more.

You should regularly re-evaluate your bill rate as your business grows so use our calculator as often as you see fit in order to make adjustments to how much you charge. Visit our insights page for more resources on managing your business.

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