3 Consulting Agreement Templates and Contracts Guide

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Updated Monday, July 27, 2020

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Why a consulting agreement is important

It is important for the modern independent consultant to realize that we live in an age where people within client organizations change quickly. Without a written agreement of terms, you are without protection.

How to write a consulting agreement

Consultng agreements are part of establishing a non-employee relationship with your client. It not only protects you – it protects your client. If an organization misclassifies an employee as “independent contractor,” they could be held liable for penalties, extra taxes, recordkeeping, and safety requirements. A consulting agreement or contract is an important step in validating the independent contractor relationship that you enter into with a client.

Contracts ensure that you and the client have put your respective expectations in writing. A contract clearly articulates the services to be performed, the timeline for completion, duration of the contract, and payment terms and conditions. Consulting agreements also establish a solid foundation for you and your client.

A consulting agreement can be as simple as a single page or a lengthier document; what matters is that you have a legal framework in place, signed by both parties, that covers the worst case scenario.

Consulting Contracts Guide

In our Consulting Contracts Guide, you will learn about:

  • the types of contracts and agreements you may want to use, including Master Services Agreements, Independent Contractor agreements and Memorandums of Understanding
  • key terms used in contracts and what they mean
  • terms and contract language to avoid
  • how to include your payment terms
  • how to negotiate contract terms

Consulting Agreement Templates

In our guide, you can also access and download three consulting agreement templates:

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement Template
  2. Consulting Agreement Template
  3. Consulting Contract Template with Concerns Highlighted

Download our Consulting Agreement Templates