MBO Marketplace FAQs for Independent Professionals

General Information about MBO’s marketplace

What is the MBO marketplace?

MBO's marketplace is part of the MBO Platform, an online platform that makes it easy for highly skilled, experienced self-employed professionals like you to find new projects. Industry-leading, innovative companies use our marketplace to post and fill project opportunities and build a network of preferred contractors.

How can I use the marketplace?

You can use MBO's marketplace to search for and apply to project opportunities with top companies who are looking for independent talent like you.

Why should I join the MBO marketplace?

Major Benefits of Joining the MBO marketplace:

  • Find new opportunities with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Find new projects that are financially rewarding and allow you to make a positive impact on leading brands worldwide.
  • Directly connect with Clients looking for top talent.
  • Be matched automatically with opportunities that fit your skillset.
  • Join your client’s preferred talent network so you can leverage valued relationships and easily re-engage with them on future projects.
  • Save your opportunity searches and automatically be notified if there an opportunity that meets your saved search criteria and preferences.

How often should I log in to the marketplace?

Log in whenever you’re ready to find a new project opportunity. New opportunities are added frequently. To make finding opportunities even easier, after you save a search for a project, we will email you notifications of projects that match your search criteria. This saves you time because you don’t have to log in to see matches.  Instead, you will be notified should a new opportunity match your criteria.

How much does it cost to use the marketplace?

Nothing. There is no cost for independent professionals to use MBO's marketplace to find new projects.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, click here.

How do I log in to the marketplace?

Click here to log in from a supported web browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox). For the most optimized application experience, we suggest accessing the marketplace on a Google Chrome web browser. Having trouble? Please contact us.

How to Set Up Your Profile

Why do I need to set up a profile?
MBO’s clients review profiles when considering applicants for their opportunities. Maintaining an up-to-date and complete profile increases your likelihood of being selected for an opportunity.

How do I create my profile?
You will need to provide the below information in order to complete your profile:

  • Zip code, phone, travel references
  • Professional title & summary
  • Desired hourly rate range
  • Top 5 professional skills
  • Resume (Optional); Accepted file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf. Maximum size 2.5 MB and document cannot contain images.
  • Work experience, from your most recent or current project
  • Engagement preferences
  • Profile picture (Optional)
  • Education, certifications (Optional)

What happens if I only partially complete my profile?

If you partially complete your profile and close the window or browser, when you go back to the marketplace you will be returned to the last step you were on to complete the minimum required information prior to exploring available project opportunities.

I see that resume is optional, do I really need to provide one?

While a resume is optional to start, you will be required to attach a resume to your profile in order to respond to opportunities in the marketplace.

TIP: If you do not have a resume handy, you can save your LinkedIn profile as a PDF and upload that as your resume attachment.

How do I update my profile?

Manually edit your profile within "Profile Settings.” To find “Profile Settings,” click "My Account" on the top menu bar and select “Profile.” Make sure you click “Save” once you finish making changes to each section.

Who can see my profile?

If you are a member of our client networks, only those clients as well as clients for opportunities in which you’ve expressed interest, can view your profile. MBO Partners team members can also view your profile and often support clients in finding the right talent for their projects and network.

How to Find a Project Opportunity

What is the Opportunities list?

The “All Opportunities” tab is a listing of available opportunities posted by MBO’s clients. Opportunities are displayed in order of relevance to your profile.  Quick Filters are also available to pull back opportunities that are “Shared With Me”, those that you’ve “Shown Interest” in, “Bookmarked”, and opportunities from your “Saved Search Results.

How can I sort the opportunities list?

You can sort opportunities listed by using the "Sort By" dropdown on the top right of your screen.  You can sort by best match, bookmarked, minimum bill rate, project posted date, clients, distance, and start date.

How do I search for opportunities?

To search for opportunities, enter relevant keywords or skills into the search bar at the top of the screen and hit enter. You can also narrow your search by using the available filter or sort options.

How do I filter my opportunity search results?

You can filter your opportunity search results using the filters in the left menu, and filter by project dates, client, bill rate, location and skills.

Why should I save a search?

When you search for a project opportunity, you will be able to save that search by clicking the “Save your Search” button. After you set up a saved search, you will receive email notifications about projects that match your search criteria so you don’t have to log in daily to find projects. You may save as many searches as you’d like!

How do I view or edit my saved searches?

You can view, edit or delete your saved searches by clicking on "My Saved Searches" in the top left filter menu.

How to Respond to an Opportunity

What do I do if I’m interested in a project?

If you are interested in a project opportunity, click on the project title in the opportunities list to view more details about the project and then click the “I’m Interested” button. This will notify the client who will soon reach out to you should you be a match. 

NOTE: While a resume is optional to start, you will be prompted to attach a resume to your profile in order to respond to opportunities in the marketplace.

An opportunity has a "negotiable" rate. What does this mean?

An opportunity with a rate labeled as “Negotiable” means you can discuss compensation details with the client directly.

How do I know if the client is interested in me?

After you have indicated you are interested in the project, the client will reach out to you if they believe you are a good fit for the project.

Can I check the status of an opportunity I am interested in?

You can view opportunities you have responded to by going to the “Shown Interest” tab on the Opportunities page.

The status of each opportunity is displayed on the opportunity card.

  • Interest Sent - You have expressed interest in the opportunity and your response is pending review.
  • Under Consideration - Your profile has been reviewed/viewed by the Client and you are still in consideration.
  • Not Selected - You have not been selected for the opportunity and are no longer in consideration.
  • Closed - The opportunity has been closed/filled.
  • Interest Withdrawn - You have withdrawn interest from the opportunity and are no longer in consideration.
  • Won - You have been accepted to the opportunity – Congratulations!
Accepted for an Opportunity

How do I know if I have won the project?

You will be notified via email that you have been accepted for the opportunity.

What happens after I have been accepted for an opportunity?

A member of MBO's enrollment team will contact you with next steps to complete your onboarding.

Additional Questions?

For further assistance or marketplace support, utilize our in-app chat feature or reach out to us via email.

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