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Announcing our deep, multi-year commitment to finding and serving 10,000 talented independent business owners of diverse backgrounds and removing obstacles to their success.

Listen to our webinar on Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the Future of Work

Listen in on an engaging C Suite roundtable discussion about how to think differently about DEI, and how to include the extended workforce in a company's DEI conversation. Hear from a CEO of an ethical AI company about using technology to prevent disparate impact; a CEO of a listening platform for ways to create a better and more inclusive workplace as well as from MBO's own CEO and MBO's leader of the company's Opportunity for All initiative.

Miles Everson

Miles Everson
CEO, MBO Partners


An Open Letter from Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners

The independent workforce is growing rapidly and may soon exceed traditional full-time work as a career choice for high-talent professionals.

But today, our sector's diversity is low - there is a clear opportunity for more diverse owners to stand up independent business practices and reap the many known rewards of career independence. At MBO, we are committed to helping more diverse professionals do the work they love, the way they want.

When we make it easier for more Black, Hispanic, AAPI, women, and veteran-owned firms to be launched each day, across the nation and the world, by talented solo and micro business owners, we can and will change the face of professional services delivery forever.

Our Opportunity for All initiative serves our company's own Fortune 500 client base, supporting their efforts to better engage with diverse talent and scale their supplier programs to better reach and benefit these high-talent pool of owners.

It also serves our 70,000+ high-talent community of business-owners and creators and problem-solvers, by inviting professionals of diverse backgrounds to more easily create businesses of one, while advocating for experienced owners to be recognized as legitimate business suppliers within the broader supplier diversity ecosystem.

Together with our clients and our community of providers, we commit to enabling 10,000 new, thriving diversely-owned businesses that will change the face of local communities, our country, and the workforce itself.

I invite you to join MBO in a multi-year, multi-pronged effort, spanning advocacy for diverse owners, business creation support, tool development, learning pathways, and so much more - all designed to create #opportunityforall in the independent workforce. It's time.


Our 3 Imperatives


For more than two decades, MBO has been the leader in measuring and reporting on the independent workforce and its role in our collective future of work.

MBO commits to beginning to measure the diversity in our provider population and to help our clients to better capture and understand the diversity in their contingent workforce ecosystem.


MBO commits to building programs to help launch, educate, certify, and support the creation of more independent businesses created by diverse owners and to address obstacles to success among this unique cohort of diverse suppliers.

We also believe it's time to change the way supplier diversity is managed, to include microbusinesses in the conversation.


MBO commits to helping successful independent business owners with the enabling tools needed to grow their firms into even greater project and opportunity sizes, across America's leading enterprises.

We recognize that helping a diverse owner who controls 100% of their firm's revenues, is the single greatest vehicle of supplier diversity success.

Imagine the Possible

Supporting the Solo Supplier
Supporting and measure spend for talented and successful high-talent owners of solo firms can transform local communities & diversity spend.
Helping Suppliers Grow
Giving smaller growth firms access to engage directly and bring teams to the table, transforms services delivery and impacts Tier 2 spend.
Scaling Success
Giving successful vendors the tools to join the million dollar club while staying wholly diversely-owned is living the American dream.
opening quotation

Until now, independent professionals have been largely left out of the supplier diversity ecosystem, because it's been hard for companies to capture and see the diversity in this population.

We're imagining a future where Black, Hispanic, AAPI, women, and veteran-owned firms of one, can confidently stand alongside larger diverse suppliers in receiving Tier 1 and Tier 2 contract opportunities to serve.

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Aassia Haq, VP - Talent Marketing, MBO Partners

Supporting Independent Owners

Hear firsthand from the talented professionals building 100% diversely owned professional services
firms inside our platform

Johanna Shin
Product Leader

Ken Hernandez
Supply Chain Consultant

Tasha Crawford-Jones
Management Consultant

Visit our State of Independence page to learn more about independent workforce trends
and hear stories from other top independent professionals.

The Data Speaks:
Top Challenges Facing Owners

For 10 years, MBO has been leading insights into the category of independent work with our flagship State of Independence in America research. We're considered the leading expert in the space, and a voice in the future of work and workforce optimization global conversations.

In our years of research, we've found these are some of the key top challenges for owners. For diverse and historically disadvantaged small business owners, many of these challenges remain just as true and in fact, diverse owners may face even greater obstacles to success.

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Are you a professional working in the supplier diversity or contingent work space that supports our mantra and message?

Eddie Dunn

Meet Eddie Dunn

From Ground Zero to New Heights as a Veteran Business Owner

Do you own an independent consulting practice as a veteran, woman, Hispanic, Black, Asian American or Native American? What are your unique challenges?

We invite you to join our ongoing conversation about how to create #opportunityforall on social media - tell us how we can better support and serve 10,000 more. We're listening.

tasha jones

Meet Tasha Jones

Meet Tasha- Founder of Twenty39 and Speaker at the Women in IT Summit 2021 on Accelerated Tech Digital Adoption and Change

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