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Workforce Management

Achieve Workforce Agility by Engaging Independent Contractors

February 6, 2019

As the independent workforce continues to steadily increase year after year, it is quickly becoming an indispensable source of talent for business. More than 40% of workers in the U.S. are now employed in alternative work arrangements made up of contingent, part-time, or gig work. Independent workers are a growing economic force, providing businesses with staffing flexibility, in-demand…

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Should Your Independent Contractors Have Cyber Insurance?

January 22, 2019

Cyber insurance helps protect your company from costly data breaches not covered by general or professional liability insurance. Learn the benefits of cyber insurance, what it protects, and why you should consider it if your company engages independent contractors.

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The Direct and Indirect Costs of Independent Contractor Engagement Methods

December 4, 2018

Learn about the costs associated with different independent contractor engagement methods and review a case study to see cost savings in action.

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3 Reasons to Use a Written Consulting Agreement

November 7, 2018

Why You Need a Written Consulting Agreement When engaging independent contractors, it can be tempting to review the work you need done, come to an understanding, and get started as quickly as possible. However, oral agreements can be dangerous and lead to legal headaches for both your company and the independent contractor you are working with.…

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How to Attract and Retain Great Independent Talent

October 19, 2018

Five tips for leveraging and engaging top independent talent for your business.

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Three Key Themes from the 2018 SIA CWS Summit & GigE Events

October 18, 2018

The growing independent workforce, moving beyond direct sourcing, and prioritizing the needs of talent for a successful contingent workforce program: a recap of key themes from the 2018 SIA CWS Summit and GigE events.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Are Independent Contractors Covered?

July 31, 2018

A common question on the minds of enterprises, staffing firms, and on-demand platforms is: how do we solve for worker injury and workers’ compensation when engaging independent contractors? It’s a hot-button problem with tangible risk, particularly in light of the many lawsuits continuing to underline the issue. As an enterprise, it’s time to start thinking about the risks…

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4 Ways Using Independent Contractors Can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

July 13, 2018

It’s no secret that organizations across the country have been struggling to find, engage, and retain skilled talent. In fact, 73% of CEOs say the availability of skills is a serious concern—so where are the resources to fill this need? We believe the answer lies in the continued rise self-employed professionals, a population that brings highly specialized…

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Should You Hire a Consultant? 10 Myths About Hiring Independent Contractors

May 22, 2018

The prospect of engaging independent contractor talent can bring up a lot of questions, especially if this is new territory for your business. There are many common misconceptions about the independent workforce—a rapidly-growing, nearly 41-million strong talent pool. One important distinction to note is that independents don’t just make up the on-demand economy—Uber and Lyft drivers, Task Rabbit-ers,…

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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring through a Freelance Marketplace

May 2, 2018

Why Hire Through a Freelance Marketplace? If your organization is not already using a marketplace to source independent professionals, you may be missing out on great talent. Freelance marketplaces—online platforms that connect independent contractors with projects—are quickly growing in popularity. As many as one in five independent contractors said that they had used a marketplace…

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