How to Become a Thought Leader as an Independent Consultant

   |   MBO Partners   |   August 11, 2015


You’re already an expert in your field, but are you a thought leader? 

That’s a question every successful or aspiring independent professional should ask. Marketing is changing along with the internet, and producing content that reaches your audience is fast becoming a necessity for solo businesses.

Influence and reputation are two keys to success as an independent business, and there are clear steps a business of one can take to improve these areas.

One way to enhance your reputation and elevate your independent consultancy is by developing a thought leadership platform.

A planned approach integrating social media, content marketing, and creative ideas can ease your transition to an online subject matter expert. That transition, from “good” consultant to sought-after expert, will give you a competitive edge and make you more visible to clients.

What is a thought leader?

Thought Leaders inspire others with innovative ideas, which they then turn into reality. Their goal is to replicate and scale their efforts by creating a dedicated community of loyal friends, fans, and followers to help them create sustainable change.

How to build thought leadership

The three primary ways to build thought leadership are: 

  • by the things that you do,
  • going where there is already traffic, and
  • teaching others to become like you. 

Learn more about these strategies and get other tips in our guide “Thought Leadership for the Independent Consultant.”


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