MBO In the News

California to Eliminate Independent Work

California legislature passed controversial legislation that would prohibit companies from doing business with independent contractors and restrict individuals’ ability to earn a living as an independent contractor. This article explores this new legislation, citing MBO Partners’ research on the average income of independent professionals.

Human Cloud Spend at $126 Billion in US; Report Lists Largest B2B Firms

This article explores the recent growth of human cloud firms, electronic labor platforms, and related business models, listing MBO Partners as one of the largest B2B platforms.

Contingent by Design

Bryan Peña, Chief of Market Strategy at MBO Partners, discusses the effects of technology and market forces on the independent workforce, and how the game changers of tomorrow fit in.

SIA Honors CW Program Game Changers

MBO Partners joins Staffing Industry Analysts in the unveil of the second annual global Contingent Workforce Program Game Changers list.

How to Stand Out with Small Business Certification

MBO Partners’ Chief of Market Strategy, Bryan Peña, shares his insight on how independent workers can best differentiate themselves from competitors and larger companies.

Think Starting a Business is Riskier than Keeping Your Job? Think Again

Forbes utilizes our “Financial Well-Being of Independent Workers” research brief in this article to show that owning your own business could be as feasible as traditional employment.

Freelancers and Financial Well-Being

This article highlights key findings from our “Financial Well-Being of Independent Workers” research brief.

Calling the Shots

In an interview with Contingent Workforce Strategies 3.0, MBO Partners’ Founder and Executive Chairman, Gene Zaino, discusses the importance and state of the agile workforce market and where it is headed.

Contract Workers and Traditional Employees are in Similar Financial Circumstances

This piece outlines the main findings of MBO Partners’ “Financial Well-Being of Independent Workers” research brief and concludes that not only is gig work more flexible than traditional employment opportunities, but workers can be just as, if not more, financially stable in such positions.

Temp Staffing Down 3.4% in Second Quarter, but Demand is Up

This article shows that per our 2019 State of Independence in America Report, contingent workers contributed $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy last year.