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RV makers are rushing to cater to the new ‘work from anywhere’ crowd as the pandemic continues to force people to rethink their lives

MBO’s digital nomads work is mentioned in this Business Insider feature.

Mission Daily Podcast: Success Breeds Success: Are Independent Contractors the Future of Work?

Miles Everson is the CEO of MBO Partners, a platform business geared towards matching professionals with enterprises. Miles joined Mission Daily and discussed what makes his firm different from traditional recruiting services, why the future of work is evolving from traditional full-time employees to contractors, and why niche expertise is what will be driving the…

Does the pandemic mean the end for digital nomads?

MBO’s digital nomads research is cited in a story about the topic in Fast Company.

Independent by Choice, a Podcast

MBO’s Kristian Rayner joins the What’s Next Now podcast to discuss independent work.

The False Boogeyman of the Gig Economy

MBO Partners is cited in a piece from Forbes championing independent contractors.

Why Work From Home When You Can Work From Barbados, Bermuda or … Estonia?

MBO Partners and our State of Independence Research is mentioned in this in-depth piece on the growing trend towards digital nomadism.

‘Code on the water’: Countries court digital nomads amid coronavirus

MBO Partners' digital nomad research is cited in this news article about rising interest in digital nomadism.

National Academy of Sciences Uses MBO Testimony in new Report, Recommendations

The National Academy of Sciences used testimony from MBO founder Gene Zaino in its new report offering recommendations to the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding data collection surrounding the future of independent work.