Ideas for Special End-of-Year Thank-Yous

By MBO Partners | November 29, 2023


Key Points

It’s the time of year when we express appreciation to others in a big way.

You may have some contacts or associates who deserve a custom thank-you.

If you want to show some special appreciation to certain people this year, here are some types of thank-yous to consider.

It’s the time of year when we express appreciation in a big way—to family members, coworkers, clients, and the service providers who make our lives easier.

Even though you might mass mail (or email) thank-yous in your business, you may have some contacts or associates who deserve a more custom message. They could be fellow team members who nailed that business-critical project. Or the supplier who went above and beyond to make sure you got what you needed when you needed it. Or a particular client who made a big difference to your business.

If you want to show some special appreciation this year, here are some types of thank-yous to consider.

When You Want to Express Appreciation in Words

Want to convey your thanks in a very personal way? Use your words.

Custom Email

A heartfelt thank-you expressed in an email can be a real stand-out for the recipient and valued more highly than a bulging gift basket. Be specific and sincere in your appreciation, and you’ll be memorable!

One-off Greeting Card

Similar to the customer email but usually with a shorter message. Rather than picking a blank off the stack of cards you’re prepping for a mass mailing, find “that” card that fits the recipient perfectly. Again, this could stand out from the sameness of bulk mailed end-of-year thank-yous.

When Something Tangible Is Called For

If it makes sense to show appreciation more concretely,  you can rely on some of the traditional forms that thank-yous take. Consider what best conveys your relationship with the recipient and how much you value it.

Gift Food Basket

What used to be an easy go-to to express thanks may not be as straightforward today. Thinking gourmet food, sweets, and wine? What if they are vegan, don’t drink, or don’t eat sugar? If you aren’t sure about their eating and drinking regimens, best to go to something else. On the other hand, if you do know, receiving a basket full of allowable goodies can be a great expression of thanks.

Gift Card

The range of gift cards to choose from can be overwhelming. If you know the interests or pastimes of the recipient, you could send a gift card that dovetails with one of those. Or stick with food, but give them the ability to choose what they want from the card’s website.

When You Want to Show Them How Special They Are

Among the people you value highly, there may be one or two you want to thank in an extraordinary way. Leverage the four types of thank-yous into something really memorable.

Reflect a Shared Interest

Are you both fans of your city’s pro sports team? Put together a “rabid fan kit” of merch they can use at the next game. Do you both love theater? Give them tickets to a current or upcoming play along with the gift of a pre-show dinner for two.

Mix and Match Two or More Types

Combine a greeting card with a heartfelt message with a gift basket or send an email that includes a code to an online gift card. Make it make sense by tying your thank you to a shared memory, joke, or experience.

Innovate Your Own

Actually, when it comes to sending a memorable thank-you to someone special, your options are only limited by your imagination. Let loose your creativity to come up with the best and most fitting thanks for the exceptional people your do business with.

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