Enquire AI Launches Knowledge Discovery Software Lumina; Secures Investment and Partnership from Leading Direct Sourcing Platform MBO Partners

By MBO Partners | December 6, 2022

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Lumina, the world’s first AI-powered knowledge discovery platform, is now available for enterprise use

ASHBURN, VA – December 6, 2022​ – Enquire AI is proud to announce the formal launch of its Lumina software platform as the centerpiece of its partnership with MBO Partners, the leading platform for direct talent sourcing.

Lumina is the first AI-powered knowledge discovery platform focused on optimizing human knowledge, skills, and insights for better business outcomes.

Through intelligent matching and curation software, users on the Lumina platform can find, engage, and collaborate with resources to leverage knowledge assets in real time, accelerating organizational objectives. Unlocking untapped knowledge within an organization significantly improves workforce utilization and dramatically increases ROI in addressing business opportunities.

“Lumina is a revolutionary tool for the knowledge industry,” said Enquire CEO, Cenk Sidar. “For the first time, people can receive real-time insights from previously untapped and unknown colleagues. Given the pace of today’s digital transformation, it is imperative that organizations leverage intelligent tools to better utilize their internal knowledge assets. That is the power of our AI.”

Enquire has partnered with MBO to build a first-of-its-kind intelligent workforce optimization solution, enabling organizations to seamlessly build, manage, and deploy independent professionals throughout their organization.

MBO Partners recently joined as a key investor in Enquire and John Dahlberg, MBO’s Chief Strategy Officer, has been appointed to the Board of Directors. “Our partnership with Enquire brings together leading knowledge network expertise with MBO’s dominant network of independent professionals and millennial innovators to deliver comprehensive workforce solutions for our customers,” said Dahlberg.

MBO is using Lumina to unlock untapped value in its network through AI-enabled interactions that make it easy to engage independent talent. MBO’s solution, powered by Lumina, is designed to connect its customers with knowledge workers in real time. This enables enterprises to develop a competitive edge by reducing friction in building and engaging pools of high-quality, known talent.

Lumina’s interface is simple: an enterprise manager poses a detailed question to the network and within moments receives high quality responses from curated talent best suited to address the question. This provides an opportunity for independent professionals to quickly showcase their insights, while providing that manager with diverse, expert perspectives that can shape a solution to their business problem, along with identifying talent who can deliver it. For companies that are thinking strategically about their workforce, this solution matches talent to roles more quickly, reduces the cost and energy of finding candidates, and leaves more time for driving revenue and delivering results.

“We believe Lumina will allow organizations to become 10X more knowledge efficient, and therefore save several million dollars of currently wasted research time, by discovering the right resource in their own network at the right time,” added Enquire COO, Bilal Baloch.

To learn more visit enq.to/lumina.


About Enquire AI

Enquire AI uses artificial intelligence, data, and machine learning to transform the way businesses engage human intelligence for better outcomes. Discover hidden resources and capabilities within your own organizations or engage with timely expertise from the global knowledge economy. For more information, please visit enquire.ai.

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MBO Partners is a deep job platform that connects and enables independent professionals and microbusiness owners to do business safely and effectively with enterprise organizations. Its unmatched experience and industry leadership enable it to operate on the forefront of the independent economy and consistently advance the next way of working. For more information, visit​​ ​mbopartners.com​

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