Cultivating a Leadership Network

By MBO Partners | August 7, 2017

consultants working in office

Working as an independent professional means that you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, create your own goals—you can do most of your work all on your own! However, being a successful independent professional requires developing and cultivating a strong network and establishing key relationships with others. Having strategic connections and an intentional approach to networking can make the difference between working on your passion project as a side gig and making it your full-time endeavor—it can impact your ability to grow your business and further your independent career. This webinar addresses:

  • The importance and value of networking as it relates to growing your business
  • Ways to map your current contacts in order to better understand your network
  • How to develop a strategic action plan for reaching out to new contacts
  • Options for introverts who might hate cocktail parties and extroverts who might be having trouble culling their outreach list
  • Tips and tricks for networking in person and online
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