Webinar Recap: Should an IC Hire a Coach? Taking the Mystery Out of Executive Coaching and Why it Can Power Revenue and Success for Consultants

By MBO Partners | March 10, 2021


In our March 4th webinar, Should an IC Hire a Coach? Taking the Mystery Out of Executive Coaching and Why it Can Power Revenue and Success for Consultants, independent consultant and executive coach Melisa Liberman shares her expert knowledge on how coaching can benefit anyone who leaves corporate America and considers independent work.

Together with MBO’s Chief Talent Officer, Amy O’ Donnell and host MBO’s Vice President, Talent Marketing, Aassia Haq, these women explain why and how coaching is more relevant to anyone who is already pursuing an independent career and seeking to grow their client base. 

During the sessions one of the topics Melissa and Amy discussed was the vast amount of coaching styles and options available for independent professionals. They also breakdown which styles and options are most relevant to each stage independent professionals go through when starting their own business. They also dove into examples of how a coach can help a reluctant IC build a successful career as a solopreneur – rather than just remaining a one-gig wonder. Melisa gave examples from her own career in tech and coaching to demystify executive coaching as a tool for growing a successful solo practice.

For a list of the top subjects covered in this session:

  • Understand who uses coaches and why they can help you get more clients and manage current ones
  • Know exactly what happens during a coaching session
  • Find out why coaching can lead to positive change and greater success
  • Understand fully why a coach can prepare you for your next opportunity, gig, or interview

To get the full extent of their discussion and to understand these useful tips click the video below and learn how coaching can empower a shift in mindset to help your independent career.

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