Strategies for Billion-Dollar Small Business Success in the Era of Endless Innovation

By MBO Partners | August 14, 2015

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Americans today face an age of economic disruption that is changing the way we buy, sell, and advertise goods or services. This new era of supply and demand is not gradual; it is a rapid process happening every day. With the rise of the on-demand economy, the most successful companies are those that can quickly adapt. But how can you, as an individual, avoid falling behind and find success during this disruption?

Jay Samit, futurist and author of Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation, joined MBO for a webinar to help explain the answer. During the discussion, Jay covers the several essential steps needed to stay afloat, including: the current and future state of the economy—as well as expert predictions into its growth and expansion over the next five to ten years—specific insight into the impact that disruptive economic trends will have on employment figures in the next decade, and essential steps needed to personally ensure your role and success in the new economic landscape.

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