Leveraging Independent Contractors: A Solution for the Talent War

By MBO Partners | October 22, 2015

consultants working in office

Business professionals know that it has become increasingly difficult to find, recruit, and maintain top independent talent. So, how do you keep the talent you have, and continually attract top new talent at the same time? The answer is surprisingly simple: keep your independent contractors and consultants happy—and stay compliant. But how?

Terri Gallagher, owner and CEO of leading workforce strategy solutions company Gallagher and Consultants, joined us to discuss how to best utilize the 30.2 million full- and part-time Independents currently in the workforce. “Leveraging Independent Contractors: A Solution for the Talent War” explored both how organizations can become a client of choice for top talent, as well as how independent consultants can make themselves more attractive to companies.

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