Making and Keeping Happy Customers

By MBO Partners | June 30, 2015

consultants working in office

Without a doubt, satisfying your customers (or prospects) is the best way to grow your business. To accomplish this, some consultants focus on maximizing revenue and investment returns, while others focus on developing and nurturing customer relationships. Both are often necessary for success, but it’s difficult to find the appropriate balance of these seemingly opposing views.

With so many consultants competing for the same business, what can you do to help your customers understand and appreciate your unique value proposition? How does your value translate into the benefits your customers seek? How can you keep a customer happy for weeks, months, or years to come?

In this session presented by Chris Simmons, founder of Rainmakerz Consulting, we explored: how to manage customer expectations to build trust that will help you stand out from the crowd, the challenges and opportunities consultants have when trying to achieve customer satisfaction, why and why not customers hire or retain certain consultants, and the significant advantages consultants can have over full time employees.

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