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Guides for Independent Professionals

navingating first client

10 Steps to Succeed at Your First Consulting Project (Guide)

After landing your first consulting project, take these 10 steps to set yourself up for success.

consultant ready to start a business

Key Questions to Ask Before Starting a Consulting Business (Guide)

Ask yourself these important questions before starting a consulting business

create small business website

How to Create a Great Consulting Website (Guide)

Learn how to easily create a professional website, a valuable marketing tool to showcase your brand, stand out from your…

creating a proposal

How to Write and Deliver a Consulting Proposal (Template)

Learn how to write and deliver proposals as a consultant.

selling services

6 Ways to Sell Better and Get More Consulting Clients (Guide)

How to overcome a common roadblock to independent consulting success

Scope of Work

Scope of Work Templates for Consultants: With Step by Step Guide

Find a step by step guide on creating a Scope of Work document that outlines the basic details of your…


Guides for Enterprises

cover image

How to Set Independent Talent Up for Success in 2023 (Guide)

This guide covers best practices for a company and its managers to set up their independent talent for success in 2023. These practices are part of building an optimized workforce. It also includes self-assessments that help determine what’s working and where improvement is needed.


Worker Classification Tests: DOL, IRS, State Tests for Classifying Workers

Worker classification is a topic of increasing importance as the independent workforce continues to grow in number. Workers can be…

misclassification audit

15 Ways to Avoid a Worker Misclassification Audit (Guide)

Learn the steps to take if your company is audited and 15 best practices to implement to avoid an audit.

direct sourcing

How to Make Direct Sourcing Part of Your Contingent Talent Strategy (Guide and Checklist)

Key factors to consider when incorporating direct sourcing into a contingent talent strategy

independent contractor engagement

3 Ways to Manage Freelancers and Independent Contractors (Guide)

Compare independent contractor engagement alternatives to find the one that works best for you.

Direct and Indirect Costs of Independent Contractor Engagement Methods

How to Engage Independent Contractors (Guide): Costs and Methods

Learn how to engage contractors using best practices that reduce costs, attract top talent, and reduce misclassification risk.


Research, Studies and White Papers

5 Ways to Attract Top Talent and Become a Client of Choice (Report)

For years, the balance of power has been shifting. As the self-confidence and self-assurance of independent professionals have increased, the…

Creator Economy 2023

Creator Economy Trends Report 2023

Creator Economy Staking Out New Territory Independent digital content creators are among the fastest-growing self-employment and independent work segments. Meet…

Life Goals Report

2023 Life Goals Report: Why Independent Workers Outperform Other Workers in Achieving Life Goals

Post-pandemic, people are rethinking how work fits into their broader life goals. We referred to these changes as The Great…

2022 State of Independence Report

MBO Partners State of Independence in America Report 2022

   DOWNLOADTHE REPORT Happier, Healthier & Wealthier Americans in greater numbers are opting for the flexibility, autonomy, control, and balance…

2022 Digital Nomads Report

2022 Digital Nomads Report Shows 131% Growth Since 2019

Digital Nomads Working from the Road: The Aspirations and Reality for Digital Nomads Digital Nomads – people who embrace a…

Contingent Labor Imperative

2022 Contingent Labor Report

  The ContingentLabor Imperative:   How Agile Enterprises Succeed in a Modern Workforce Model August 2022 How Agile Enterprises Succeed…


Case Studies


Big 4 Consulting Firm Develops A Custom Direct Sourcing Talent Marketplace In Partnership With MBO

In 2015, a Big 4 consulting firm declared that the world of work was changing. Together with executive leadership, the…

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healthcare workers

Managed Healthcare Company Streamlines Independent Contractor Migration For New Acquisitions

A managed healthcare company based in the Midwest was looking for a better way to streamline onboarding for independent workers….

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Leading Cloud-Based Software Company Takes Workforce Optimization To The Next Level

An American cloud-based software company was looking to expand their independent contractor workforce. They needed a vendor who could provide…

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consultants working

Big 4 Consulting Firm Expands International Capabilities

A Big 4 consulting firm had been leveraging MBO’s international partner network for several years. More recently, however, they discovered…

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consultant working

Leading, Publicly-Traded Healthcare Improvement Company Reenvisions Workforce Optimization

A leading publicly-traded healthcare improvement company was looking for a comprehensive solution to find, engage, and retain qualified independent professionals….

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city street

Leading Financial Services Provider Realizes Cost Savings, Risk Mitigation And Planned Future Program Growth Via Direct Sourcing On The MBO Platform

A Fortune 500 financial services company based in the Midwest was struggling to manage their contingent worker spend. Procurement was…

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Webinars and Events

Life Goals: Managing Employee Experience in the Future of Work

WEBINAR Life Goals: Managing Employee Experience in the Future of Work In this interactive event, strategic HR leaders are expanding…

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Planning for Independent Business Success in 2023

WEBINAR Planning for Independent Business Success in 2023 In this exclusive interactive event, independent consulting coach Melisa Liberman gave actionable…

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December 2022 SOI Webinar

2022 State of Independence In America: Why These Data Points Matter To Your Business

WEBINAR 2022 State of Independence In America Deep Dive: Why These Data Points Matter To Your Business In a recent…

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Should an IC Hire a Coach Power More Revenue and Success

Should an IC Hire a Coach? Power More Revenue and Success

WEBINAR Should an IC Hire a Coach? Power More Revenue and Success Get inspired with a specific checklist of actions…

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The Great Realization: Keys to Achieving a Modern Business Model that Unlocks the Future of Work (2021 Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting)

WEBINAR The Great Realization: Keys to Achieving a Modern Business Model that Unlocks the Future of Work (2021 Stansberry Conference…

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Optimizing Talent Programs with Branded Marketplaces

Optimizing Talent Programs with Branded Marketplaces

WEBINAR Optimizing Talent Programs with Branded Marketplaces In today’s Human Resource landscape, it is important to know the growing trends…

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