Focus Social Media Marketing for Best Results in Your Independent Business

By MBO Partners | April 30, 2024

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Key Points

Social media marketing is a “must-have” in an independent professional’s business growth strategy.

Business-related social media marketing platforms serve different audiences and comprise different content.

For best results, focus on one platform that best fits your business and target market, then add a second that complements the first.

As a large component of digital marketing, social media is a “must-have” in an independent professional’s business growth strategy. Effective social media marketing can build your brand, connect you with peers, and uncover new business opportunities.

Business-related social media marketing platforms serve different audiences and comprise different content. The most notable include:

  • LinkedIn, fostering professional networking and allowing users to share business insights, connect with peers and potential clients, and establish thought leadership
  • Instagram, a visual platform comprised of images and short videos
  • YouTube, with longer video content such as tutorials, demonstrations, and case studies
  • Patreon, a membership platform that enables users to offer exclusive content, services, or resources to subscribers
  • Substack, where users create and distribute newsletters in written and oral forms to share in-depth content, updates, and industry insights with subscribers
  • Text-based (X, Threads, BlueSky, and others) platforms, supporting fast-paced, short-form copy messages and threads

Matching Social Media to Your Business

Each platform has its strengths and utility depending on what’s being marketed. An independent professional, especially in the early days of their business, needs to focus on platforms that match their services. By aligning with their target audiences’ content preferences and business goals, the independent can effectively showcase their expertise, engage with potential clients, and build their personal brand.

Here’s a high-level summary of which social media platforms work best for different types of independent professionals:

  • LinkedIn is deal for B2B service providers, consultants, and professionals offering specialized services such as marketing, finance, or HR
  • Instagram is best for visual artists, designers, photographers, and other professionals in creative fields who can showcase their work through high-quality images and videos
  • YouTube is highly effective for experts in niches that benefit from video demonstrations or tutorials
  • Patreon is suitable for content creators, artists, and educators who offer exclusive content, bonus materials, or personalized services to their patrons
  • Substack is excellent for writers, journalists, and thought leaders who want to share in-depth analysis, insights, and commentary on specific topics with their subscribers.
  • Text-based is good for independent professionals in fast-paced industries like tech, media, and journalism, or those offering services related to current events or trends

Start Slow and Participate

Especially when starting a business, it’s best to focus on a limited number of social media platforms for your marketing. Start with one, master it, and build up messaging and connections. Use this first one as a testing ground to make sure the platform is the best fit for your business and that your messages are getting good engagement. Follow best practices for your chosen platform, like the ideal frequency of posts and the best ratio for types of posts (sales vs. curation vs. personal).

Part of getting good engagement relies on your own participation on the platform. Beyond posting your own content, make it a priority in your day to review other content. Like, repost, make comments, and connect with other users who align with you and your business.

Mix and Match for More Marketing Muscle

The platforms are not siloed; cross-pollination is routine, connecting a post on one platform to content on another. For example, a creator can showcase their work on Instagram and link to Patreon, where subscribers can access more work and interact directly with the creator. Or LinkedIn can spotlight a Substack newsletter with information that encourages clickthroughs.

When you add a second platform, consider how it can complement your initial platform and plan a messaging strategy that best utilizes your social media marketing activity.


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