Webinar Recap: Boost Your Consulting Revenue with an Executive Coach

By MBO Partners | May 26, 2020

Using an executive coach

Our May 19 webinar, Using an Executive Coach to Accelerate your Independent Consulting Revenue, offered numerous tips and insights on how, when, and why an executive coach might help you grow your independent business. Coaching is a valuable tool for independent professionals, business owners, and anyone looking to expand their career and increase their earnings.

Hosted by Melisa Liberman, executive and career development coach, the hour-long webinar explained everything you might need or want to know about executive coaching, including:

  • The types of coaches and the benefits of working with one
  • What to expect from coaching and what NOT to expect
  • How and where to find the right coach for you
  • Costs to expect and how to maximize your investment from coaching

She highlighted her points with specific examples from her own experience coaching and being coached by others. And, at the end of the webinar, she provided even more specific insight by answering questions from attendees live.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live, please listen to the recording below. You can also check out the presentation slides.

To learn more about Melisa’s executive coaching services, visit our App Store to book a consultation.


MBO Advantage

Melisa is a member of MBO Advantage, our premier membership program that offers dedicated, personal support to independent professionals so they can maximize the value of their expertise. If this program sounds like something you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll be happy to connect.


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