Webinar Recap: Developing and Marketing Your Online Presence as an Independent Consultant

By MBO Partners | June 16, 2020

Developing and marketing your online presence

In our June 11 webinar, Developing and Marketing Your Online Presence, MBO’s own Amy O’Donnell shared tips and tricks on how independent professionals can shape and enhance their digital presence. Amy leveraged her more than 20 years of experience in talent management to provide a unique perspective to independent talent on what their clients want and how to make sure they best represent themselves online.

The hour-long Q&A session was full of actionable tips you can use to boost your online presence, including:

  • Resume tips to stand out from the crowd (and a sample of how to do it right)
  • How to enhance your LinkedIn profile and business website
  • What the top in-demand skills are currently
  • How to make sure you highlight your previous experience and credentials that support the independent consulting and project work you want to do 
  • Techniques and platforms to get your next project (including MBO’s marketplace), and much more

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live, please listen to the recording below.

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