4 Ways Companies Can Attract Top Independent Professionals & Become a Client of Choice

By MBO Partners | June 16, 2021

How Portable Benefits Impact the Gig Economy

Businesses are working to adapt to the changing realities and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many new ways they are able to reach corporate goals is involves engaging and re-engaging top independent professional talent.

MBO Partners’ Client of Choice research examines why and how independent professionals select the clients they choose to work with.

“For businesses to effectively compete in the marketplace, it is critical to engage the best and the brightest independent professionals,” says Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners. “To do so, they need to understand how and why independent professionals choose their clients and what clients can do to position themselves as a Client of Choice.”

Our 2020 report how companies should structure policies, procedures, and engagement practices to be successful in attracting, engaging, and retaining the 7.6 million skilled independent professionals currently working in the U.S. Below, we highlight four key ways organizations can attract top independent professionals to become a Client of Choice.

1. Incorporate Independent Talent into Your Team

Independent professionals want to work for organizations where they can become part a meaningful environment—a place where coworkers treat them with trust and respect. Often, independents can feel isolated when working with a new company. But in reality, they are an integral part of important projects and their strategic contributions should be valued. A whopping 90% of independents listed being treated as part of the team as either a very important or important factor in choosing who they work for.

2. Offer Opportunities to Grow Skills

Like any worker, independent professionals need to keep their skills updated in order to provide you—their client—with the very best work. 89 percent of independents say learning new skills is either very important or important to their careers. Encouraging independent professionals to grow and learn is a win-win situation. Help independents push the boundaries of their project assignments and support them in widening their base of skills.

3. Value Independents’ Work

One of the top reasons people choose to go independent int eh first place is to make a difference with their work. 95 percent of independents say that valuing their work is the single most important factor in deciding who they work for. By providing feedback, encouraging positive reinforcement, and helping independents understand why their work matters, enterprises can better position themselves as a destination client.

4. Prioritize Reasonable Processes and Procedures

Independents value clients who make it easy to work with them. Technology today has come a long way and can be very helpful in removing friction from work arrangements. Developing a standard process for engagement that incorporates quick and fair compensation, a streamlined onboarding process that limits paperwork, and responding to requests and questions in a timely manner will go far in building positive relationships.

For more insights into what it takes to be a Client of Choice, please visit mbopartners.com/client-of-choice.

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